Senator Enverga strongly condemns Liberal Government’s plan to decrease Caregivers program by 72% over two years

Ottawa, November 14, 2017 – On November 14, the Honourable Tobias C. Enverga Jr., Ontario
Senator, voiced his shock and grave concern upon hearing the specific details of the Liberal
government’s 2018 multi-year Immigration Levels Plan.

“Recently, the government announced an overly ambitious plan to increase the number of
immigrants coming to Canada in 2018 to 2020. While I had reservations about this plan and
what it would mean for Caregivers coming to Canada, I am outraged and disappointed to learn
the specifics of what this will truly mean,” said Senator Enverga in a statement. “While every
other immigration category increases or maintains its status quo in the target number of
permanent residents being admitted, the Caregivers category is the sole group to actually
decrease over the duration of this plan,’ the Senator continued.

“More troubling than this fact is the statistics that accompany it. In 2018, the government’s
target number for Caregivers is 17,000. This number decreases to 14,000 in 2019. By 2020, this
number will plummet to a mere 5,000. To put this into context, under this plan, the number of
Caregivers coming to Canada will decrease by more than 72% in just two years. I will continue
to fight for Caregivers and highlight their importance here in Canada,” the Senator concluded.
The 2018 multi-year Immigration Levels Plan was announced by the Liberal government on
November 1, 2017. As per the details of this plan, the Economic category will see a total
increase of 7,300 permanent residents over two years, as every other Economic category will see
their numbers boosted during this period. This increase for the Economic class exists after
accounting for the decrease of 12,000 Caregivers over this same two year period.

Except for Caregivers, every other category within the Economic; Family; Refugees and
Protected Persons; and Humanitarian and Other categories will see their numbers increase or, in
one case, maintain its base level.