Ottawa, October 31, 2017 – On October 25, the Honourable Tobias C. Enverga Jr., Ontario
Senator, questioned the Government Representative in the Senate during question period
concerning the Liberal government’s Fall Economic Statement and the growing deficit that
Canadians face.

“In addition to his failure to provide a deficit of less than $10 billion, the Minister of Finance
also failed to provide Canadians with a plan to return to budgetary balance. By 2022-2023, the
deficit is forecast to stand at $12.5 billion,” said Senator Enverga. “A survey in The Globe and
Mail on April 17 found: ‘When asked about the importance for the federal government of
having a plan in place to eliminate the deficit, four in five Canadians said it was important or
somewhat important,’ the Senator continued.

The questions raised by Senator Enverga focused on whether or not the Minister of Finance felt
it was important to return to a balanced budget, as well as whether a plan to eliminate this deficit
would be forthcoming or if it would fall on the shoulders of today’s youth.

The Government Representative, Senator Peter Harder, answered, “I thank the honourable
senator for his question. . . . the current government has a view that its economic plan ought to be
done in the context of an economic cycle of five years. That is what the minister has tabled.
Those are the projections it is working within, and those are the expectations and commitment it
is making.”