A message from Senator Enverga

A message from Senator Enverga

My fellow Canadians,

As a Senator representing Ontario in the Senate of Canada, I am pleased to welcome you to my official website.

Here, you can learn about the responsibilities my colleagues and I have working in the Senate Chamber, taking part in formal debate in current affairs.  Senators examine bills proposed by the Government before it becomes law, and, as members of committees, we study bills very closely, calling expert witnesses to help us better understand the legislation and the potential impact it may have.

Reaching out to our fellow Canadians is also a very important aspect of our work as parliamentarians. There are many events that we take part in at Parliament Hill and in communities all across Canada, each celebrating the wonderfully diverse multicultural people that make up our great society.

It is a great honour for me to serve you in the Senate of Canada.

Sincerely yours,

The Hon. Tobias C. Enverga Jr.

www.SenatorEnverga.com | www.facebook.com/SenatorEnverga