Medal of Excellence

The Senator Tobias C. Enverga Medal of Excellence was established in 2017 with the objective of recognizing outstanding leaders and/or groups who have made significant contributions towards the betterment of their communities.

Shortly before the late senator’s passing, he conceptualized and commissioned the creation of these medals. Successful leaders instill and inspire confidence to those whom they serve and act as role models within their communities. They work towards achieving a common goal, not just to benefit themselves but to those around them.

The late Senator Enverga once said that because we are “so blessed in Canada, that we should always find ways to give back.” This medal aims to recognize individuals and/or groups who strive towards that same spirit of giving.

Recipients of the Medal of Excellence are all peer-nominated and must complete an application form. If interested, please e-mail:

By recognizing the remarkable achievements of trailblazing individuals, we hope to continue the late Senator’s work and preserve his legacy!

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Marie Gemma Lachica Jose ‘Jun’ Angeles
Mike Cruz Dr. Josephine Pallard
John “Weibang” Zhu


Silayan, Ben Ferrer




Vangie Alcasid Eric Wen
Rolando Cabrera John Lau
Larry Receno



Norbu Tsering Dr. Ken Ng
Joe Chen Father Ben Ebcas Jr.
Henry Lee


Lhori Webster
April Pantaleon