Supporting Senators

Supporting senators

In order to function efficiently and serve the Senate well in its commitment to modern, effective management of its internal affairs, the Senate needs administrative and procedural support. This is provided by senior officers of the Senate Administration. the Clerk of the Senate and Clerk of the Parliaments and Chief Legislative Services Officer, the Law Clerk and Parliamentary Counsel and Chief Parliamentary Precinct Services Officer, and the Chief Corporate Services Officer and Clerk of the Standing Committee on Internal Economy, Budgets and Administration.

This Executive Committee is supported in their work by the Senate Administration, the Senate’s corporate body. The Senate Administration provides the services that allow senators to accomplish their work: support in procedure, security, financial administration, human resources, communications, building maintenance, asset management, computer resources and internal audit, to name a few.

Another key position is the Usher of the Black Rod. He is a senior parliamentary officer appointed by Order in Council. He serves as personal attendant and messenger to the Queen in Parliament and a senior protocol official.

Senators are also supported by staff in their respective offices. Senators’ staff memberswork directly with their senator to communicate with the public; research and prepare materials like briefing notes, QP questions and speeches; and provide advice on current affairs and strategic questions. They may also manage the senator’s office. Senators usually employ between one and three staff members.