Senator Enverga questions Government Representative in the Senate about palliative care funding


Palliative Care

Hon. Tobias C. Enverga, Jr.: I have a question for the Government Representative in the Senate. The Liberal Party’s election platform for the last election promised:
“As an immediate commitment” — Yes, it’s quoted as an immediate commitment — $3 billion towards improving the failing palliative care available to Canadians. With a new law allowing for physician assisted death looming, palliative care is increasingly essential and extremely critical as an option for those thinking about ending their lives.

The Minister of Health reiterated that promise in our Legal Affairs Committee yesterday. However, I can see some inconsistencies between the promise and the budget. The budget that was tabled on March 22, this year, is completely silent on that promise.

My question is: Where will the money come from if it is not stated in the budget?

Hon. Peter Harder (Government Representative in the Senate): I will definitely inquire with respect to the specific question, but it is not unusual for departments to reallocate to new priorities. I don’t know if that is the case here…

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